Thoughtfully Building a Strong Foundation

More than 300 patents pending with more than 13,000 claims

Invention is our culture, and we are in the unique position of pioneering an entirely new field. We are focused on building a broad intellectual property estate to meet the quantum potential of messenger RNA Therapeutics™.

Our portfolio is fully integrated and has been developed to address each stage of the discovery and development process. At its foundation, this starts with messenger RNA (mRNA) architecture – including the components of our modular approach to assembling each new molecule – and extends to our novel chemistries, the mRNA manufacturing process, formulations, diagnostic and therapeutic applications, protein and antibody targets, routes of administration, dosing paradigms and specific pharmaceutical compositions.

Our approach is to build a patent estate that ensures the protection of our inventions while offering value to investors and encouraging the right partnerships to develop our mRNA technology in a broad array of disease areas. And we continue to expand our portfolio as we generate new discoveries.

That’s just the beginning.


Fully integrated intellectual property portfolio with multiple layers of protection, including mRNA engineering, chemistry, manufacturing process and analytics, formulations, targets and antibodies, and products.