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Our Model to Deliver mRNA Medicines

Moderna’s four ventures are responsible for leveraging our mRNA platform to drive the exploration and advancement of internal clinical programs. Each venture is focused on a distinct therapeutic area: Valera (infectious diseases), Onkaido (immuno-oncology), Caperna (personalized cancer vaccines), and Elpidera (rare diseases). These venture teams are focused exclusively on developing mRNA-based therapies and vaccines utilizing our mRNA technology platform and therapeutic modalities, and leveraging our research engine and early development engine to advance mRNA medicines to the clinic.

The ventures are comprised of leading experts in their respective therapeutic areas who bring specialized knowledge and deep expertise in research and clinical development, as well as the regulatory, policy and advocacy landscapes in the U.S. and globally. The venture teams work closely with our mRNA platform scientists and engineers to address challenges, solve problems and rapidly progress our internal discovery and development programs.

Our venture-based model has enabled Moderna to explore the significant potential of our mRNA technology and modalities across multiple therapeutic areas simultaneously – and with marked efficiency and acceleration. Moderna’s current internal development pipeline includes mRNA-based vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer as well as mRNA-based therapeutics in immuno-oncology. We also have many discovery programs advancing toward development candidate nomination across the ventures. This accelerated progress is due in large part to the leadership and relentlessness of our venture teams, as well as their dedication to advance transformative medicines for patients in dire need of effective treatment options.

Moderna’s Ventures

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