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March 2024: System Deployment On-Track

Welcome to the March 2024 News Burst for Moderna’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program! The News Burst series will be published every month to provide you with new program updates and any changes that may impact your ways of working with Moderna.

What is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program?

As Moderna grows, the system platform supporting the business processes also required the ability to scale for growth. This resulted in the start of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business transformation focusing on simplifying, standardizing, and digitizing Moderna’s core business processes to achieve growth objectives. Internally, we call this ERP project “Program Odyssey.”

System Deployment Status Update

As we have shared the Key Dates and Temporary Changes for the upcoming system deployment in the February News Burst, we are happy to report that the system deployment activities are on-track for an April 1 go-live.

Please see below key status updates for your awareness:

  • As of March 18, we have reduced activities in preparation for the system downtime (e.g. purchase orders and processing invoices)

  • We are on track for a full system outage from March 27 to April 1

  • Be on the lookout for the April News Burst post once normal operations will resume on April 1 (e.g. activities that were previously put on hold that includes processing purchase orders and invoice postings will resume)


For general questions related to the program, please email For questions specific to your partnership and business processes, please email your current contact from Moderna.

Stay Updated on the ERP Program

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