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Meet Moderna

About Us


To deliver the greatest possible impact to people through mRNA medicines.

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We’re making biotech history

Messenger RNA is not new technology, but we are discovering new ways to use it to treat and prevent illnesses and diseases. Since our founding in 2010, we have worked to build the industry's leading mRNA technology platform. 

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Moderna's Mindsets

“We believe our mRNA platform can solve the world’s greatest health challenges, from diseases impacting millions, to ultra-rare diseases impacting dozens, to medicines personalized down to the individual level.” 

– Stéphane Bancel | Chief Executive Officer of Moderna

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Clarifying our culture

We are working to build the best possible version of Moderna 20 years from now. These Mindsets are tools we are using to build it, together. 

Mindset 4: We obsess over learning

We obsess over learning

We don't have to be the smartest—we have to learn the fastest.

Mindset 5: We pivot fearlessly

We pivot fearlessly

in the face of new data.

Mindset 6: We question convention

We question convention

because proven models don't always fuel the future. 

Mindset 7: We push past possible.

We push past possible

because greatness lives outside of comfort zones.

Mindset 8: We behave like owners.

We behave like owners

The solutions we’re building go beyond any job description.

Mindset 9: We act with dynamic range

We act with dynamic range

driving strategy and execution at the same time and at every step. 

Mindset 10: We remove viscosity

We remove viscosity

to encourage collective action.

Mindset 11: We prioritize the platform

We prioritize the platform

over any single product.

Mindset 12: We digitize everywhere possible

We digitize everywhere possible

using the power of digital information to maximize our impact on patients.