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Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital – Advancing state of the art discoveries with mRNA Therapeutics™ to treat serious diseases

"This project is an important step in advancing medical science. It will help achieve our common goal of rapidly advancing new drug candidates into the clinic."
— Professor Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Dean of Research at Karolinska Institutet

“As a leading medical center, we continually strive to improve the treatment of serious diseases. Our clinical researchers are excited to work with Moderna’s groundbreaking mRNA Therapeutics platform and speed the advancement of new treatments to patients.”
— Professor Mats Eriksson, Karolinska University Hospital

We have entered into a strategic, long-term collaboration with Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Karolinska University Hospital (KUH) for the discovery and development of innovative drugs using Moderna’s messenger RNA (mRNA) Therapeutics™ technology.

Moderna will sponsor research grants for scientists at both institutions to conduct preclinical research with novel mRNA Therapeutics™. As this pre-clinical work is successfully completed, we will conduct clinical trials of new drug candidates at Karolinska University Hospital. To solidify the scientific and clinical collaboration between the organizations, and to optimize the output of this important partnership, we have created a new laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, located in the Novum building next to the Karolinksa University Hospital Huddinge campus.

Strategically, we view this academic partnership as highly complementary to the discovery and development efforts with our strategic collaborators in industry.

Institut Pasteur – For the discovery and development of drugs and vaccines for infectious diseases using the mRNA Therapeutics™ platform

“We look forward to collaborating with Moderna and to using Moderna’s mRNA platform to discover and develop new vaccines and treatments to address infectious diseases in an entirely new way. This partnership will be a trump card in our fight against viral and bacterial disease.”
— Pr Christian Bréchot, President, Institut Pasteur

We announced in January 2015 a strategic, long-term collaboration with the Institut Pasteur for the discovery and development of drugs and vaccines using Moderna’s mRNA Therapeutics™ platform. 

Moderna will sponsor programs of preclinical and clinical research at the Institut Pasteur aimed at identifying and developing new approaches to combatting known and emerging viral and bacterial diseases. The agreement with the Institut Pasteur is complementary to Moderna’s collaboration with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a previously announced partnership to create antibody-producing drugs for a wide range of emerging infectious diseases and engineered biological threats.

Louis Pasteur created the Institut Pasteur in 1887 as a private non-profit foundation that rapidly became world-renowned for its biomedical research. The main aim of the Institut Pasteur is understanding and preventing diseases throughout the world through excellent scientific and public health research, teaching and other activities.