At Moderna, our corporate citizenship is built upon a foundation of Integrity, Quality and Respect

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These values provide a foundation for us to build and support long-term programs that demonstrate our commitment to patients, employees, the environment, and local communities. As we move into the next phase of our growth, we have developed a framework to help guide long-term planning as we:

  • Define who we are as a company and the benefits we aspire to bring to patients and society;
  • Proactively plan for future growth and expansion, as well as the impact of our growing footprint;
  • Determine where we can make the greatest, lasting contributions to the communities where we work and live; and
  • Create a company that attracts and retains an exceptional, motivated and diverse workforce.

We believe that future mRNA medicines will be Moderna’s biggest contribution to society. These innovations have the potential to create unique ways to treat and prevent diseases at a new breadth and scale. We also believe our mRNA platform has the potential to play an important role in supporting those working to meet the needs of underserved populations in order to aid in public health planning, and be a resource in the event of potential public health crises.

Why Now?

Moderna is following its own trajectory when it comes to corporate social responsibility, actively focusing on corporate citizenship efforts while we are still a relatively small, early-stage company.

We believe Moderna is at an optimal point in our development to advance our corporate citizenship efforts for the following reasons:

  • Our science offers significant growth opportunities
  • We have opened a new manufacturing facility and are expanding our physical footprint
  • We are growing our employee base
  • We have an increasingly complex supply chain
  • We are harnessing state-of-the-art digital technologies to help us more efficiently manage our business, our science, and our manufacturing processes
  • We believe we have the ability to make a near-term impact on public health

Creating this framework now allows us to integrate corporate citizenship into important efforts across our business and employee experience. This includes our production methods, measurement and compliance systems, future relationships with patient organizations and local communities, and the very definition of what Moderna stands for as a company.

Our efforts are driven by our belief that:

  • With the potential of our science comes a responsibility to the many patients our technology could help, regardless of whether they have a disease shared by millions, or one that is unique to them alone
  • We have a responsibility to do our part to ensure the sustainability of our planet, and we will consider our impact on the environment in the decisions that we make
  • We can and should use our expertise and resources to give back to the communities where we operate
  • We have a responsibility to our employees to provide fulfilling careers that provide purpose and reward
  • We must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards across all areas of our business, and with stakeholders—both internally and externally—while ensuring we have the governance and practices in place to meet these standards