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Innovation Incubator

New Venture Labs

Using mRNA as a vaccine or therapeutic opens up a breadth of opportunities to treat and prevent disease. While we’ve made great strides to date, we believe we’ve only started to scratch the surface of the potential opportunities mRNA holds as a new class of medicines. 

Scientist filling container with scientific instrument
Close up of hang in glove holding a microscope slide

What is New Venture Labs?

New Venture Labs is our internal incubator for ongoing exploration. The New Venture Labs team is focused on blue-sky research. Their thinking is not constrained by the current applications of our mRNA platform. Rather, they investigate new directions and applications for our platform, driven by curiosity and fueled by the possibilities and potential of one basic premise: what if mRNA could be a drug? 

Scientist using instrument in the lab

Pushing limits

Ideas originally generated by New Venture Labs have led to the formation of several of our existing programs and collaborations and continues to push the limits of where new applications for mRNA – or our platform overall – may take us. 

Clsoe up of multi-nozzled scientific instrument

Ongoing exploration

New Venture Labs has enabled Moderna to remain a cutting-edge pioneer in the field of mRNA science, and has ensured that we maintain the spirit of innovation and inventiveness that has defined our company since its inception and helped to propel our success to date.