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31 July 2023

Building the Next Generation of Moderna: Meet Our Spring Co-Ops

Tracey Franklin
Chief Human Resources Officer

As we continue to build our company, we are committed to accelerating the next generation of leaders. Our people are truly amazing, and it’s a privilege to support such a diverse community of culture carriers and to inspire careers in STEM. The Moderna co-op program is a powerful example of how we are building the future of Moderna.

Our co-ops join us from universities across the globe and complete a 6-month assignment at Moderna. This spring, we welcomed one of our largest cohorts ever – 100 students from 43 schools. I am proud to share that this was one of our most diverse cohorts, with 69% women and 75% from underrepresented groups.

Upon the completion of their time at Moderna, we asked our spring co-op cohort to reflect on their experience, and I am excited to share a few highlights of the immeasurable energy and ingenuity they brought to our company:

Ninaad Lacksham, a Software Engineering Co-Op from Georgia Tech, says that the Moderna Mindset he identifies most with is “we behave like owners.”

As part of our co-op program, students work on real-world projects for practical application of their skills. Shikha Sreenivasan from Purdue University shared how she has built upon her knowledge of basic automation through her experience at Moderna.

Another goal of our co-op program is to provide students with opportunities to learn from senior leadership, expand their network and develop professionally. Sarah Sackey from Northeastern University used her co-op as an opportunity to work across several different teams and gain clarity around what to focus on within engineering.

Beyond their work experience, co-ops build connections and create friendships. Hear more on this from Ansh Tejani from Northeastern University and Marco Benavides from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Thank you to all our co-ops for bringing your whole selves to Moderna, embracing our Mindsets, and helping to create the future of medicine. Together, we can truly change everything.

To learn more about our co-op opportunities and apply, visit this page. mRNA could change the future of medicine. So could you.