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24 April 2024

Collaboration with OpenAI: Transforming the Way We Work and Innovate Through AI

by Brad Miller, Chief Information Officer
OpenAI x Moderna

For over a decade, Moderna has been at the intersection of science, technology and health. Since our beginnings, we’ve leveraged the power of machine learning to support our mission to develop transformative mRNA medicines. The data platform we’ve built over our history helps fuel innovation and positions us well to capitalize on next-generation AI tools. With an ambitious plan to launch multiple products in the next few years, we see AI as a key component to our ability to scale and maximize our impact on patients.

This morning, we announced our ongoing collaboration with OpenAI to co-innovate with a shared vision of AI’s immense potential in the future of business and healthcare. From launching mChat in 2023, our own instance of ChatGPT built on top of OpenAI’s API, to recently deploying OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise across our various business functions, this collaboration will help ensure every employee at Moderna has a purpose-built AI assistant to augment their work with personalized support. To learn more, read the case study about how we’re bringing AI to life across our clinical development, legal and corporate brand teams.

We know successfully embedding AI into our everyday work requires more than technology – it necessitates a strong AI-focused culture. Our emphasis on learning, coupled with our investment in real-time, on-the-job AI training, differentiates us as a digital-first biotechnology company. This commitment is one of the reasons why Moderna was ranked 9th on the 2024 LinkedIn Top Companies List in the United States, as well as 2nd on LinkedIn’s 2024 Top Companies in Healthcare ranking, recognized for our efforts to build a highly skilled, adaptable workforce that is empowered by AI.

We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with OpenAI and lead the way for AI innovation in our field. Watch the below video to learn more about our work together:

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