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27 June 2024

The Evolution of Vaccine Delivery: Embracing Pre-Filled Syringes

Brian Hille, BSPharm, RPh, Senior Director of Managed Markets, U.S. Commercial, Moderna
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In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, pre-filled syringes (PFS) have emerged as a game-changer for the administration of vaccines. While Moderna didn't invent the PFS, the company recognizes its immense potential in optimizing the delivery of mRNA vaccines.

What Are Pre-Filled Syringes?

Pre-filled syringes are medical devices preloaded with a specific dose of medication. They offer a convenient, ready-to-use formulation that simplifies the process of administering vaccines and other injectable drugs. Traditionally, vaccine formulations were available in single- or multi-dose vials, either in liquid form or as lyophilized powder requiring reconstitution. Today, the PFS format offers a more user-friendly alternative.

The Benefits of Pre-Filled Syringes¹

  1. Ease of Use: PFS eliminate the need for healthcare professionals to draw up doses from a vial, reducing preparation time and the risk of contamination.

  2. Accurate Dosing: Each syringe contains a precise dose, ensuring consistency and accuracy in medication delivery, while helping minimize the potential for medication errors.

  3. Reduced Waste: With pre-measured doses, PFS minimize medication waste, a crucial advantage during times of high demand, such as a pandemic.

  4. Enhanced Safety: The design of PFS reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and exposure to hazardous substances.

Introducing Our Interactive PFS Experience

To further enhance understanding of how pre-filled syringes work and their benefits, we are excited to introduce an interactive video. This engaging resource will provide a detailed walkthrough of the PFS technology, demonstrating its ease of use and the benefits it brings to both healthcare providers and patients.

Get to know the Moderna PFS