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02 March 2020

How Moderna is Building a Digital Biotech

by Moderna

At Moderna, building a digital biotech is a foundational component of who we are and is a key enabler of our mission to create a new class of mRNA medicines for patients. Incorporating digital into everything we do is mission-critical to us. 

Read about our digitization strategy new white paper, which includes the ability of our digital infrastructure, built from ground up, to enable parallel progress and shared learning that exploits the inherent replicability of mRNA and its software-like features.

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We are advancing medicines at a breadth, speed and scale uncommon in our industry for a company at our point in its lifecycle. The early productivity we have realized compares favorably to the largest biotech companies. This productivity is due both to our platform technology and the ‘software-like’ nature of mRNA when used as a drug, as well as to our incorporation of digital technologies. With our digital infrastructure in place, we believe we are well-positioned to rapidly and seamlessly move mRNA medicines from concept through research and clinical development toward the ultimate goal of delivering for patients.

This topic will be discussed further at Moderna’s Manufacturing & Digital Day on Wednesday, March 4.