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29 October 2021

Mindset Matters

Stéphane Bancel
Chief Executive Officer
Mindset Matters

Since our founding, we have obsessed about doing groundbreaking, cutting-edge science to bring a new class of medicines to the world. These investments in science over the past 10 years prepared us to chase the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it emerged. And, that scientific passion enabled us to bring a vaccine against COVID-19 to hundreds of millions of people around the world—one that available real-world evidence has shown to have sustainably high, durable efficacy.

Our small platform company of 2,400 very special, highly trained and unbelievably committed people did what few people believed was possible. But we knew the truth about how we had prepared to deliver on the promise of mRNA science.

A woman points to a graph of scientific results.

In the decade before the pandemic, we had created the field of mRNA-LNP viral vaccines. We were the only company that had shown the potential of mRNA-LNP vaccines in humans. We had gone 9-for-9 in early clinical trials against different viruses. We had raised and invested $2.5 billion to invent and prove the technology. And we had built our own factory from the ground up in Massachusetts from 2017 to 2019.

We had been preparing for 2020 our entire life as a company. Together, we pushed past possible. And what we accomplished can be attributed to the way we have done things since the beginning.

Along with our Values, our Moderna Mindsets emphasize how we succeed together and how we overcome challenges together. Our Mindsets are the tools we are using to build the best possible version of Moderna 20 years from now. This is how we will advance our Mission and maximize our impact on patients.

This week, we were honored to be one of only a few biotech companies around the world that have ranked as a top 20 employer in Science’s survey for the last seven years in a row, which is for most of our history. We were recognized for our commitment to innovative leadership, respect for employees and easily adapting to change. This recognition is a humbling reminder of our employees’ dedication and relentless pursuit of our collective mission. I am so proud of our team for making the Mindsets their own. For obsessing over learning, for acting with urgency and for accepting risk as the only path to impact. One cannot change the world without taking risk.

We built Moderna as a platform company and because mRNA is an information molecule, we believe this is just the beginning. I invite you to consider making the Moderna Mindsets yours and learning more about Careers at Moderna.