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29 November 2023

Moderna, Powered by AI: Our Journey to Becoming a Real-Time AI Organization

Brice Challame
VP, Data & AI Transformation, Moderna
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Just like the introduction of the personal computer in the ’80s changed the way we work and live, artificial intelligence (AI) is on a path to completely transforming our everyday lives. Yet, while 90% of technology executives agree that AI is the center of the next technology revolution,¹ only 10% of AI projects make it into production.² At Moderna, we’re committed to not only changing this narrative, but to leading by example. 

Earlier this month, we hosted our second Digital Investor Event where we demonstrated exactly how AI is accelerating our innovation and transforming our organization. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

1. Moderna is uniquely positioned to scale with AI. 

While the introduction of ChatGPT has AI on everyone’s minds recently, it’s far from new to Moderna. Our long history with AI, along with the foundation upon which our company is built, sets us up incredibly well to scale using AI. For over a decade, Moderna has built a massive library of data, which is our biggest asset as a digital-first biotech company. This library has allowed us to create our own integrated data ecosystem to fuel and iterate upon our algorithms. This ecosystem, in conjunction with being a cloud-native, platform company from day-one, means we avoid data siloes, can natively adopt new technologies quickly, and always think systemically to achieve scalability.

2. Technology alone does not drive transformation – people do. 

We know that successful AI implementation means putting employees at its center. It requires an intentional cultural transformation and a mindset shift around how each employee approaches their work. Where traditional operating models require large workforces as business scales, real-time AI companies scale the value of their people. Rather than accepting the seemingly inevitable complexity and viscosity that comes with growth, we embrace and democratize AI so that every employee can create value measured by efficiency and efficacy. 

This requires fostering a strong AI-centric culture to grow both AI adoption and proficiency company-wide. We do so through meaningful and immersive learning opportunities such as our AI Academy, and easy-to-implement AI-powered tools for every employee. We developed mChat, Moderna’s own generative AI product, after recognizing the unique value of large language modeling tools to automate tasks across departments. After only two weeks of development, we launched mChat in May 2023. As of last month, nearly 65% of employees are active users, embedding the tool into their specific functions for customized support and meaningful improvements in their everyday workflows. This rapid adoption is a testament to our team’s eagerness to improve the value and efficiency of their work with AI.

3. We’re on a mission to have AI everywhere at Moderna, and we’ve already seen the impact of these efforts.  

Moderna is on a journey to becoming a real-time AI company where we embed AI into every aspect of our organization, and we’ve made significant progress. Moderna has already witnessed the impact of AI and digitization to increase our speed to market and continuously improvement of our products. AI already helps optimize each aspect of Moderna’s value chain – from drug design to clinical trials operations, manufacturing operating procedures and commercial outreach. And its impact extends beyond our drug design an release cycle to accelerate and improve the work of nearly every department – from customer service, to finance, cybersecurity and more.

At Moderna, we believe that how we work and the tools we use greatly influence our ability to build the best possible version of our organization and realize our mission to deliver the biggest impact to people through mRNA medicines. This is just the beginning of AI’s contribution to our mission.

The recording of our Digital Investor Event presentation is accessible on our website here.

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