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Moderna Foundation


Our company launched the Moderna Charitable Foundation in 2022 to support organizations and causes that promote public health and access to quality healthcare, advancing scientific education and innovation, and advocating for diversity and inclusion, particularly in underserved populations. 

A girl holding a molecular structure
Scientist looking through microscope
Adult and child hands holding globe

Our approach

The Moderna Foundation is an extension of the societal impact we have made with our COVID-19 vaccine. We are passionate about addressing the ongoing needs in communities impacted by COVID-19, including the societal conditions exacerbated by the pandemic along with the inequalities this challenging period has revealed.

Together, we can work toward a long-lasting impact by: 

  • Grant-making to support organizations that align with our mission

  • Philanthropic giving to provide support during humanitarian crises 

  • Employee matching to enable our people to support causes that matter most to them 


The Moderna Foundation provides grants to support 501(c)(3) organizations, and similarly organized nonprofit organizations outside the U.S., for the benefit of our local and global communities.

Our partners

Moderna Charitable Foundation announced initial grants to 5 local and global nonprofit organizations working to address areas of need.

Boston Medical

Boston Medical Center

We are partnering with Boston Medical Center to support their Good Grief Program. The grant will help meet growing demand for trauma-informed, culturally responsive therapeutic services for children who have experienced loss, such as the death of a loved one due to COVID-19.

Heading Home

Heading Home

We are partnering with Heading Home to provide permanent, supportive housing for extremely low-income individuals in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee

We are partnering with International Rescue Committee to support infection prevention and control programs for improved and resilient health systems in West and Central Africa, particularly in countries that have been impacted by conflict.

Life Science Cares

Life Science Cares

We are partnering with Life Science Cares to support nonprofit partnerships and programs fighting poverty and its effects in the Greater Boston Area.

Year Up

Year Up

We are partnering with Year Up to support a workforce development program that closes the opportunity divide between young adults and companies across the U.S.


The Moderna Foundation is a charitable organization established by Moderna Inc. It is a separate legal entity from Moderna Inc. and operates independently.