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Moderna Australia Fellowship

Moderna Australia is proud to help develop the country’s world-leading health and medical research sector and the next generation of Australian-based scientists through the Moderna Australia Fellowship Program. 

See our 2023 awardees here.

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Moderna invites eligible candidates to apply here. See below for more information. If you have questions, please contact Australia Medical Affairs Operations -

Fellowship program

This annual program will prioritise research fellowships that advance mRNA science and medicines, in disciplines spanning early discovery to clinical development as well as projects emphasising R&D in Infectious Diseases and Immunology:  

Healthcare Vaccine

mRNA Platform Innovation and Delivery

RNA Sciences, LNP, Biomarker Fundamental and Translational Research

Science - mRNA

Translational Pharmacology and Early Clinical Development

Quantitative and Clinical Pharmacology, Translational Medicine

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Regulatory Science, Data Science and Real World Evidence R&D

Must inform discovery and early clinical development

Infectious diseases

Infectious Disease and Immunology

Fundamental, Translational and Early Clinical Research

Unique plan for Australia

Distinct from the Moderna Global Fellowship (which continues to be open to Australian-based researchers) and unique in its offering, the Australia Fellowship Program will be an all-inclusive learning and development opportunity for successful fellows, with training and education covering areas essential for mRNA medicine R&D. In addition to supporting salary and expenses, it also offers a bespoke learning program that leverages Moderna’s world-class, in-house expertise. 


Each Fellow will be involved in the design of their tailored learning experience, in partnership with their supervisor, an assigned Moderna R&D expert mentor and Moderna’s R&D Director. 

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This learning program will be delivered via: 

  • Experiential “on the job” learning 

  • Online courses from Moderna University 

  • F2F periodic meetings at the Moderna Centre for Respiratory Medicine & Tropical Diseases in Melbourne 

Curricula will include: 

  • Expanding specific R&D capabilities, such as regulatory, translational and quantitative and mRNA pharmaceutical science 

  • General R&D skills, including R&D life-cycle in action, project management 

  • Soft-skills to improve individual effectiveness in R&D, like communication, leadership, working effectively in teams 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must be >1 year post graduation with a doctoral degree (eg. MD, PhD or PharmD).

  • Applications are open to both basic science researchers and clinical researchers.

  • Must be based in Australia

  • Priority for Australian citizens and residents