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30 January 2024

CES 2024: How Moderna is Leveraging AI & Driving the Future of Individualized Treatments

by Moderna
CES 2024 Main Image

Earlier this month, more than 130,000 attendees gathered in Las Vegas to kick off 2024 at CES, one of the largest technology shows in the world. During the conference, Stephen Hoge, M.D., Moderna’s President, sat down with Ami Bhatt, M.D., Chief Innovation Officer at the American College of Cardiology, in a fireside chat. The session, ‘The Future of Medicine: AI and Individualized Treatments,’ explored how our early adoption of AI uniquely positions Moderna to deliver individualized treatments across a range of conditions. Watch the full session here:

During the conversation with Dr. Bhatt, Stephen recalled the early days of Moderna’s founding and the creation of our mRNA platform. He also spoke about Moderna’s robust R&D pipeline, which is driving the future of individualized treatments and leveraging AI to bring to life our simple but core idea: change the way medicines are made.


Brad Miller, our Chief Information Officer also attended CES to share insights on how Moderna is harnessing the power of AI to advance our pipeline with the goal of having the greatest impact on human health possible. Listen to Brad on the CES Tech Talk Podcast or watch his interview with tech influencer Brian Tong on the CES Anchor Desk.