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14 June 2023

Impacting Human Health: Reflecting on our ESG Progress

Shannon Thyme Klinger
Chief Legal Officer and President of the Moderna Foundation
Impacting Human Health: Reflecting on our ESG Progress

Earlier this year, we evolved our mission to better reflect our belief that Moderna’s mRNA medicines will continue to have a profound impact on human health. We are working to deliver on our commitments to tackle some of the biggest challenges to public health, which include unequal access to quality healthcare and medicines, inequalities affecting vulnerable communities around the world, and the increasing negative effects of climate change.

Our annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report outlines our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and progress aligned to five guiding focus areas for ongoing and future efforts.

Impacting Human Health: Reflecting on our ESG Progress

As we look to the future, we are sharing our progress to date while evaluating where we can continue to execute on our long-term ambitions. This reflection is important because we believe that our efforts in ESG and CSR are an integral and critical part of our mission to impacting human health. Our second annual ESG report represents Moderna’s continued strong commitment to transparency around our efforts and progress as we continue our journey.

Here are a few highlights from our 2022 ESG report:

Advancing Our Global Public Health Strategy

At Moderna, we are dedicated to pursuing innovative vaccine solutions to address infectious diseases that pose the greatest risk to public health, and to doing so through collaborative research and development.

In 2022, we articulated our global health strategy, which included our commitments to build regional manufacturing, advancing vaccines in clinical research targeting 15 pathogens identified as public health risks by WHO and CEPI into clinical studies by 2025, and launched mRNA Access, a collaborative enabling researchers around the world to utilize Moderna's mRNA technology platform to pursue research in their own labs. This year, we announced important progress in each of these areas.

Moderna's Global Health Strategy

Moderna Charitable Foundation

We recognize that Moderna’s commitment to CSR is critical to our mission, and yet we can do more to extend our positive societal impact. In this spirit, just over a year ago we launched the Moderna Charitable Foundation to support organizations and causes that promote public health and access to quality healthcare, advance scientific education and innovation, and advocate for diversity and inclusion, particularly in underserved populations. Today, the Foundation has funded $7.8 million in grants, including a $4 million effort focused on improving health systems and healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2022 also marked our most impactful year of giving back to our communities, both locally and globally. We increased by 156 percent the number of tracked volunteering hours compared to 2021, and 63 percent of our workforce participated in volunteering and/or giving activities. Across the world, we supported more than 1,500 nonprofits. The inaugural year of our employee matching program resulted in $800,000 in donations to causes that matter most to our employees.

We have established a culture that encourages transparency, accountability, and ownership of quality at all levels in the organization, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to maximizing our positive impact on communities and society at the same speed and with the same determination as we apply to scaling our company.

Defining Our Environmental Responsibility

Human and planetary health are interconnected. As we relentlessly pursue our mission, we must protect and minimize our impact to the environment as we grow the company.

To accelerate these efforts, we have established our environmental sustainability strategy based on three pillars.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

2022 marked the beginning of a tremendously important journey at Moderna, where we seek to more deeply engage, listen and understand what it means to be a responsible business and leader in mRNA medicines.

To learn more about how we advanced our ESG strategy in 2022 and our plans for the future, read the full report here.