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Corporate policies



These policies highlight our responsibility to patients, employees, the environment and local communities. They allow us to integrate corporate responsibility into efforts across our business landscape and employee experience. 

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Our policies

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Access to medicine

We’re committed to optimizing the impact of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics through fair pricing and access for all.

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Human rights

As a company at the forefront of developing medicines for patients across the world, we have an obligation to purposefully uphold human rights.

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Political engagement policy

We do not make direct contributions to political campaigns or candidates, and are committed to transparency on our engagement with trade associations and other advocacy organizations.

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Ensuring all employees act ethically and legally in their business decisions and day-to-day duties is crucial to carrying out our mission.

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Corporate governance guidelines

We believe sound governance practices and policies are important to our success as a company and to obtaining the trust of our stakeholders.

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2018 Citizenship framework

Our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) whitepaper, which laid out the framework for the core focus areas of our CSR program.

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CEO action for diversity & inclusion pledge

We’ve pledged to act on supporting more inclusive workplaces because we know that success is rooted in diverse viewpoints.

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U.S. employee benefits

Moderna team members drive our advancements toward bringing innovative medicines to patients. Our commitment to them is rooted in an inclusive environment that fosters well-being.

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Government funding and vaccine access

Learn more about how we have approached access and pricing for our COVID-19 vaccine, including as a result of government funding.

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UK modern slavery act statement

We are committed to addressing and preventing modern slavery within our business and our supply chain.

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Global transparency disclosures: collaborations with healthcare professionals

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes of conduct governing the transparency of our interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations to ensure public trust and confidence.

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Expanded Access

For patients who do not qualify for clinical trials, Moderna may open an expanded access program for a medication prior to its approval. Currently, we do not have expanded access programs open for our medications. Please check back for updates.

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Third Party Code of Business Conduct

We strive to work with partners who bring value to Moderna and align with our high ethical standards and values.

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Global Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

We are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace and act with urgency to help protect and preserve the environment


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2021 ESG report

We are committed to transparency about our ESG efforts and progress right from the start of our journey.

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U.S. EEO-1 report

We publicly disclose our consolidated 2021 EEO-1 report for our U.S. workforce. Our most recent filing captures 2021 employer information in conformance with the U.S. Department of Labor regulations and requirements for such reporting.

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2021 Energy and Emissions Data

An assessment of Moderna’s energy and carbon footprint for base year 2021