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Moderna Genomics



Unlocking the Power of Genetics to Transform Lives

Welcome to Moderna Genomics, a new research endeavor of Moderna.

When Moderna was founded, at our core was a very simple and profound idea. We knew that we could change the way medicine is made by using mRNA to teach the body to make its own medicine.

But our innovation doesn’t end there.

Now, Moderna Genomics is tackling our next “blue sky challenge” — to develop individualized medicines that could provide benefits for patients with genetic disease.


Our Mission

Moderna Genomics is a mission-driven organization founded on 10+ years of mRNA delivery experience. We are developing, characterizing, and optimizing a toolbox of gene-editing medicines to achieve our mission of individualized gene therapies for patients.

Moderna Genomics is guided by our promise to fundamentally change the lives of patients with genetic disorders by radically reinventing the standard one-size-fits-all approach to medicine.

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We are relentless

We work relentlessly for patients because we know breakthroughs don’t come overnight.

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We are scientific experts

We strive for scientific excellence–Moderna knows what it takes to push past possible.  

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We take risks

We take risks because creating unique, tailor-made medicines requires a boundary-breaking approach.

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We are pioneers

We endeavor to bring pioneering genomic medicines with curative potential for people with genetic diseases.  

Delivering Individualized Genetic Medicines with mRNA

The goal of medicines that are potentially curative is to treat the root cause of disease. Individualized genetic medicines aim to correct pathogenic mutations.

Moderna Genomics is researching the unique advantages of Moderna’s mRNA platform as a vehicle to deliver gene-editing medicines. We are working to develop tailor-made systems targeting genetic mutations specific to a patient’s genome.

We are advancing beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to medicine with the goal of creating one therapy for one patient – or “n-of-one” individualized genetic treatments.

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Pioneering Individualized Therapies for Monogenic Liver Diseases

Millions of people suffer from diseases caused by errors or mutations in a single gene (monogenic diseases). In fact, there are ~10,000 monogenic diseases, many of which affect the liver.

Correcting Genetic Errors

Hepatocytes, specialized epithelial cells that make up nearly 80% of all liver cells, are key cells that carry out a plethora of biological functions.

Mutations affecting these cells impact function and lead to many common monogenic inborn errors of metabolism. Therefore, correcting these mutations in hepatocytes can potentially be curative for genetic diseases.

Our goal is to treat all monogenic liver diseases using an individualized approach.

Meet Our Strategic Collaborators

In order to advance gene-editing machines, we work hand-in-hand with our strategic collaborators, both in academia and industry, to discover novel genomic science and technologies.